TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Barcelona airport taxi. Shuttle Service in Barcelona.


Read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before doing a reservation. It contains important information about your rights and obligations. Happy Transfer SCP is a platform of services dedicated to the persons' transportation managed across an operative module of reservations 365 days of the year, in which the reservations can be modified, cancelled or personalized according to the needs of the user 24 hours of the day.

These conditions of service (general conditions) regulate the access and the use of each of the services of this web page. The access and the use of the above mentioned services are determined to the acceptance and the fulfillment of the present general conditions.

Once you have formalized your reservation, you confirm that you have read, understand and accept those conditions, you confirm as well, as you have, if it is necessary capacity and legal authority to accept those general conditions in proper name and/or in representation of the people who travel with you. Consequently, you will be a person in charge of realizing the opportune payments, you will have to notify any modification or cancellation to us, and will have to, on having received the reservation assertion, inform the other travelers.

Any incidence relative to some service that you have hired, you will have to communicate it by e-mail or calling to the number of telephone assistance that is indicated here below.

Email: info@happytransferbarcelona.com

Telephone: +34 936115114 or to +34 661442422

Our customer service is at your entire disposal to attend you in Spanish or English. In case of not understanding any of the conditions exhibited in this document, contact with our service of customer service, before signing this contract, so that we could inform you correctly.

1-Rights of the intellectual property

The registered marks, the trade name and other rights of intellectual property that appear in our web site (www.happytransferbarcelona), belong only and exclusively to Happy Transfer SCP and they are protected by the national and international norms of industrial and intellectual property. All the contents (such as, between others, texts, assemblies, graphs, logotypes, icons of buttons, images, files of audio and software) used in the web sites www.happytransferbarcelona.com (or other domains that point at the same web page) are protected by the national norms and international of industrial and intellectual property. Its use remains therefore prohibited, including the modification, reproduction or entire or partial representation without our express and written assent. It promises not to use therefore our web with illicit ends..

We control the good quality of the translation of our web pages, as well as the general terms and conditions here exposed. In case of discrepancy and to legal effects, the version will prevail in Spanish.

2-Request of the service

Happy Transfer SCP acts like a sales agent of the local Operator of transfers, from now on, "The provider". To request a Service, you must continue the procedure of request established in our web site. All the requests must be carried out at least 2 hours before the hour of beginning of the service. All the recognized requests will be formalized with a voucher attached to the e-mail address facilitated during the reservation. In case of your request is pushed back, we will return you the complete amount (in Euros) of your reservation.

Your service contract is straight with the Provider. In your voucher of the Reservation they will represent the particular conditions of the same one. The hiring across our web page of different services of transport has not a "combined trip" in the sense that gathers the European Board of 1990 relative to combined trips, combined holidays and combined circuits. Every reservation constitutes an independent services contract between the user and the Provider.

3 - Procedure of web reservation

All the services of public transport that are offered on the web page fulfill definitely the local regulations.

Once refilled the reservation form, you will have bought through the website. All the information facilitated in the same one, will be facilitated to the Provider for its ratification and assertion of the service. It is extremely important that you verify that each of the information; names, directions, phones of contact, dates and schedules are correct. In the opposite case, you must contact immediately with us for its rectification, route e-mail can do it to info@happytransferbarcelona.com, to our phone of telephone assistance +34 936115114 or in “My Reservations” in our web site, user and password facilitated in its Voucher of Reservation. We are at your disposal and been delighted of solving all your doubts.

One will not attend to any request of service that does not come accompanied from the payment corresponding to the requested service. Immediately after the successful payment, we will send to you a written proof of the same one by e-mail on behalf of the Provider. This payment written proof is not the assertion of your reservation, only informs you that the Provider precedes your request. When the Provider confirms to us your reservation, we will send to you an e-mail with the reservation voucher in PDF. The date of the contract will be the one that appears in the assertion document.

In the Voucher of your Reservation you will see the meeting point to discuss with the Provider, also it will be able to find in the same Voucher the telephone 24 hours of assistance a day, where we will attend to you before any contingency that can be happening during the employed transfer / service. There you will have to print your Voucher, sign it and deliver it to the Provider, on this case the driver assigned for the achievement of the service. When you receive the Voucher or Reservation, check it carefully and make sure that all the information is correct. The Provider does not become responsible for the errors or discrepancies that it could contain. In case of detecting some anomaly or error, you will have to communicate it to us immediately. Consult our politics of modification and/or reservations cancellation. The information that you give us during the reservation process will only be facilitated to the necessary administration so that the above-mentioned service could be realized successfully (local operator of transport, airport authorities, customs, immigration, safety companies, etc.…). In the last step of the process of reservation you authorize us to transmit your information to anyone that will help you in the performance of the service. Do not hesitate to consult our protection policies of information and privacy in case you wish additional information. Any notification or communication that we send to you has to be ratified by you confirming its reception. In our system we will keep the record of the delivery, already serving this one like notification and assertion of delivery.

4 - Prices and payment

Once Happy Transfer SCP has received you service request, acts like your agent or representative requesting the payment of the complete amount of the service that you want to hire.

In our web site you can see the prices detailed by services, calculated according to the vehicle, the destination, capacity of persons and the date that you choose. We can still modify the price of the services in any moment and your request of service, after preceded and paid; it is subject to the ratification until the Voucher of reservation is sent to you.

If the Provider pushes the service back or modifies the price of your reservation request, we will inform you by e-mail and we will request you complementary information or the additional payment if it was necessary. If the Provider does not accept definitely the service or you do not agree with the new offered price, we will reimburse entirely the amount that you paid us (in Euros) for the same way of payment that it has realized.

5-Special requests

During the process of your request of transfer services, Happy Transfer SCP offer you the possibility of requesting such additional services like baby chair, chairs for children, additional luggage’s (measured standard 46x69x29 cm), WiFi, big extra luggage (sticks of golf, bicycles... etc.), adapted vehicle and transport for animals (they always have to go inside a transportation box approved to its size and weight fulfilling the same safety regulations as in the airlines). If you travel with a baby trolley you have to know that every baby's cart occupies the space like a standard suitcase.

6. - Modifications in the reservation

Any change request in the reservation will have to be sent by e-mail: info@happytransferbarcelona.com.

No change will be effective until we receive it and confirmed you by e-mail that the Provider could carry the corresponding modification out. It will be possible to realize the change or modification of the service with a minimum 6 hours before the due hour of the service. If you request some change that involves a modification in the price (size of vehicle, new destination, extra, etc.), the difference between what he has already paid and the new price, will be communicated to you by e-mail, sending to you in the same e-mail the difference out to pay. Up to the reception of the payment for your part the provider will not accept the change. If the change was a reduction of the initial price, the difference will be refunded at all itself, if you request the modification as minimum 6 hours earlier to the achievement of the service.

The Provider will monitor the arrival of your flight or train to see if there are possible changes of schedule due to debts or advances, bearing in mind the information that you have facilitated during the reservation process. But if your number of flight or train changes, or you lose the flight / train, or this one suffers any type of modification, you have the obligation to report a call to the number of customer care 24 hours or sending to us an e-mail to info@happytransferbarcelona.com, both appear in your Voucher of Reservation. Your change request will be subjected to the acceptance of Happy Transfer SCP and once received, we will communicate to you immediately by e-mail or phone facilitated during the reservation of the service, of the current state of your reservation.

Once your plane has landed, the driver assigned to your service, the Provider, in this case, will wait for you during 60 minutes inside the airport in the area enabled for services of picking ups before giving validated the service. If the meeting point is in the train station or buses station, the Provider will wait for you up to 30 minutes before giving for validated the service and if your meeting point is at a hotel, apartment, hostel or home address, the Provider will wait for you up to 15 minutes before giving validated the service, if the user has not been in touch with the service of customer service in +34 936115114. From the landing of the plane up to the meeting point you will have to pass by the safety control, through the luggage’s pickup, customs, or perhaps even claim for losing of luggage’s, etc. We advise you, if you see that you are going to be delayed in some of all these procedure, one of the passengers that goes with you can go straight to the meeting point agreed with the Provider before the time passes corresponding to your reservation or communicate to +34 936115114 to tell us why are you delayed and wait for you. If the driver had to wait for a time superior to the established one, this will be able to suppose an additional cost that you will have to pay. If after the time assigned and corresponding to your reservation, you don’t appear and you have not communicated the incidence or motive to the Provider of your delay the service will be cancelled without right to reimbursement.

7 – Cancellations

Any request of cancellation of a reservation will have to be communicated through e-mail to info@happytransferbarcelona.com with a minimum of 6 hours before the accorded hour of the service.

The cancellations that expire with these terms will be paid entirely by the same method of payment and currency in which it has been realized.

The cancellations carried out with less time than 6 hours of the due hour of the service, will not be subject to return.

8-Insurance and responsibility

We decline all responsibility for the losses that may be caused by not filling in correctly the form of your request, the mistakes that you commit on by filling in the application form with incomplete and untruthful information during the reservation process. The information about the services showed in the web, the type of vehicle, the extra services, the distances and the trip times are estimated. In the same way Happy Transfer SCP does not realize any suitability evaluation on your service requests and we are not responsible for the elections that you realize.

Happy Transfer SCP does not accept any responsibility for any illness, injury, death or loss of any type. It may be covered by the terms of the obligatory vehicle insurance. In any case it is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the country in which the services were carried out. We only accept liability for claims that occur only as a result of our own negligence.

We will not be responsible for any services you contract directly with the driver, and we decline any responsibility if you make changes on the contracted services and isn’t reported directly written via the means of contact provided. The mistakes that could appear on the page will be corrected as soon as we have knowledge. Before any error of this type that could affect at the price or promotions the right is reserved to the cancellation of the reservation and to return the totality of the amount paid by the passenger.


Happy Transfer SCP will veil at all times to offer you the best service and possible attention. On the web page there appears the different forms of contact and our schedules. Also, during your transfer you have in your Voucher of Reservation a phone of customer service 24 hours, from which we will attend to you to solve any contingency regarding the transfer that exists booked across our web page.

In case it changes, e-mail or contact us by phone immediately in order that we could establish contact with you for any question relative to your requests of reservation. Any claim relative to the service has to be carried out in writing in a time not superior to 15 days from the date of the transfer.

11 –Transport services

In the service request you must tell us if traveling with children. In each country, the safety regulations in this respect are different, therefore you should apply at the time of booking to be provided with the restraint system for minors as established by the law of the country in which the transfer is made. The Supplier, depending on availability, will provide the right fit for the child's age, according to current regulations. If the Supplier does not have a restraint system, you will be entitled to the refund of the extra but never to the payment of the transport service.

If the user does not have informed about traveling with children, you will have to travel with the own security systems and retention of the vehicle. Directive 2003/20 / EC regulates EU mandatory safety systems for children, being under your own responsibility any penalty imposed for not using mandatory safety system for children, for that reason we recommend that for your safety and the minors accompanying will be communicate whenever traveling with children and the age of them to provide the right device.

We don’t guarantee the type of vehicle in which the transfer will be carried out. Happy Transfer SCP has entire freedom to change the vehicle without no responsibility can be demanded by it. In some occasions, it will proceed to change of vehicle if, this way, it is possible to offer the service in better conditions than in the opposite case. All the vehicles are official cars of the public service of the city of Barcelona and they count with the administrative licenses and obligatory insurances needed by the regulation and legislation that they compete.

12 – Luggage

The ones that you take will have to be indicated previously in your reservation.

In case you leave the luggage forgotten in the vehicle, we will get in touch with you and we will send them to you to the address that you have indicated us in the reservation. The additional expenses that stem from this mailing will run to your charge. We will not be responsible for your lost stuff. The responsibility on your baggage is yours. The acceptance of these terms and conditions for your part, force you to expire at all times with the current legislation in Spain. In this aspect, your luggage will not be able to contain such prohibited articles like dangerous substances, firearms, perishable articles or fragile, or animal objects.

During the reservation process you will have to indicate us if you travel with animals. The pets are an exclusive responsibility of the client and we worry at all times for your well-being and health. They always have to travel in a container that expires with the regulation IATA. The pet’s transport is subjected to the availability and approval and to an additional cost that you will have to pay. In case of not reporting or not expiring with the required safety conditions, the Provider has a right to cancel your transfer without right to return of the solvent amount.

13 - Responsibility of the client

The client declares that he compromises and accepts the general conditions of this contract, which is adult and qualified to accept the signed responsibilities and commits itself to the payment of the services requested by means of a suitable credit card or debit, with authorization for its use and with enough funds to cover the cost of the service.

You understand that you will have to notify Happy Transfer SCP for any change that affects to your reservation and to the service as soon as possible. The client must obtain the whole necessary papers. Neither the Provider nor the driver of the vehicle will be responsible. Nor will accept any charge that is caused for lack of papers of the user or users, in case they do not expire with the norms of the customs, of the police, of the fiscal authority or of the administration of the countries for which the entry is requested. The bono or Voucher of the Reservation is not considered to be a valid document to obtain visas.

In the assumption of which the Provider or the driver of the vehicle had to face to a deposit or economic fine in front of the corresponding authorities as a result of the nonperformance of the laws on the part of the client, because of the regulations or any other requisite imposed by the country to which he wants to gain access, that wants to retire or along which he wants to go along, we will have a right to retain any sum of money that belongs to you until it realizes the payment of the solvent thing.

14-Right of Admission

The Provider will have a right to refuse to move any person who is under the effects of the alcohol or drugs. We save ourselves the right, according to a reasonable fact, of interrupting the transfer if the behavior of some of the passengers affect to its safety or the driver of the vehicle. Neither we nor none of our Providers accept any responsibility for the additional expenses which there incur you or your group like result of such a conduct. The consumption of alcohol and of narcotic substances is categorically prohibited in the vehicles. It is not even allowed to eat nor to smoke inside the same ones.

15 - Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The present General Terms and conditions, will be ruled by the Spanish legislation. For any question examined derived from the existence, content and/or interpretation of the above mentioned General Terms and conditions or of any relation between Happy Transfer Barcelona and the Client, both parts surrender to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Barcelona.

Happy Transfer Barcelona reserves the right to realize changes in any moment in its Web place, as well as in the present General Terms and conditions